Asset Management

Investment Philosophy and Process

Our investment philosophy is distinguished by the following key beliefs:

  • We are guided by our client’s objectives but believe that solid research is fundamental to sound investment decisions. We employ teams of experienced analysts who regularly gather in-depth, first-hand information on the Nigerian financial markets.
  • We believe that an investment decision should not be made lightly. In addition to providing extensive research, our investment professionals go to great lengths to determine the difference between the fundamental value of a company and its price in the marketplace.
  • We believe in a long-term approach for asset selection. It is part of the big-picture view our investment professionals take of the companies or assets in which we invest on behalf of our clients. This is reflected by the typically low turnover of portfolio holdings.
  • Overall, our processes are driven by a robust technological base as embodied in our best-in-class asset management software and bloomberg terminals for up-to-the-minute information on the domestic economy and global financial markets.

Buy discipline

  • We seek relative opportunities from the universe of securities and pick the ones we believe have seen the least patronage.
  • We manage positions as inventory and we often see opportunities to trade and a buy action is prompted when:
    • there is a fundamental change we identify with the potential to influence the market value of a security or when it reaches low levels and can be identified with an upward trend in price movements.
    • Our screens promptly pick from these highlighted criteria from the universe of our choice

Sell discipline

  • We sell when we have a fundamental change in the company, industry, market or general economy that could affect the perception of the value of our holdings
  • We could also sell when a security departs from an uptrend or establishes a downtrend



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