CERPAC Generates N1.2billion For Nigeria In One Year

CERPAC [Combined Expatriate Residence Permit & Aliens Card] has generated N1.2bn for the Federal Government of Nigeria in one year. This amount was remitted by Continental Transfer Technique Limited (CONTEC) to the Federal Government following continued success achieved since the introduction of CERPAC.

In a statement released by the Media Manager at CONTEC, Tunde Ayansanwo, he affairmed the biometric screening of foreigners at centres across the country has helped to improve the harmonisation of data ‘while reducing duplication which previously were associated with the paper card issuance’.

There are additional 28 centres set up nationwide to assist the quick processing of foreigners arriving Nigeria. Ayansanwo also confirmed that creation of these new centres will boost the confidence of investors especially as CERPAC is yielding significant results.

The CERPAC, also known as ‘greencard’ is mandatory for every foreigner working and living in Nigeria (as an expatriate) and is renewable annually.

In a related development, some African countries such as Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Niger Republic and Sierra Leone have expressed significant interest in setting up CERPAC centres to respectively register foreigners.¬†Read more here.

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